We started in 1970 as contract filler for Cheeseborough Ponds to manufacture Odorono, the then #1 antiperspirant brands throughout Latin America. During our first three decades we also manufactured a wide array of personal care and household products for companies such as Unilever, Smith Kline Beechman, Reckitt & Colman, Noxell Caribe, Alberto Culver and Bristol Meyers. 

In 1992, due in part to a current trend of multinational companies mergers and buyouts, we began manufacturing and distributing our own brands for the Puerto Rican market. The experience learned working with the multinationals allowed us to manufacture products of the highest quality at competitive prices and carve a niche as the leader of first aid products in Puerto Rico.

In 2003, we acquired from Unilever the personal care brands Odorono, Confielle, Louis Philippe and Otelo which allowed us to grow our distribution internationally to the Caribbean, Central and South America. Thus changing our focus from a local market manufacturer to a regional distributor of brands.

ODORONO a multinational brand with 100 years history • 1909 Odorono was created by Dr. Murphy • Odorono Company was founded in 1912 • In 1962 Cheeseborough Ponds acquired the Odorono brand • 1986 Unilever acquired Cheeseborough Ponds • In 2003 Omega & Delta Co. Inc. acquired the Odorono brand from Unilever.